Aging Horsewomen were honored to be on Billboards across the US as part of the Facebook #MoreTogether campaign.  Chicago Billboard 2019.

Inspiration and help for your Health and Wellness Journey.

Beyond A Diet

Whether you are coming to lose some weight or to pursue health this program will be beneficial to you! “I believe this program goes beyond a diet which takes so much more than a good eating plan! Join me in learning how to install healthy habits that deal with all areas of your life!”​Please feel free to contact me for a free Wellness Discovery. Janet Burquest

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Black November Specials

Let age change you or change the way you age.

 Look younger and feel younger with our Liquid Award winning Collagen/HA Matrix.. Clean, healthy living products whether it’s our Collagen Sciences, Health & well being, Personal care or Household items or our Award winning Lean Body System. Changing the way … without toxins or chemicals. Gail Reinhard Email

Staying healthy, means riding longer – Health Coaching Services

I am a certified health coach who works with women of a “certain age”, that want to stay active with grandchildren, travel (with and without their horse) and basically enjoy the outdoors. I provide an opportunity for you to have support around how to stay healthy or improve your health so you don’t ever have to stop doing what you love.

Katherine Kellogg Email

Thrive by Le-Vel

Thrive is a naturopathic nutritional supplement and so much more. Thrive is the only nutritional supplement of this kind available today! The Thrive Experience is an easy 3 step system that is done in the first few minutes of your day. Step 1. Take 1-2 vitamins before your feet hit the floor. Step 2. 20-40 minutes later, drink the delicious lifestyle mix (shake) Step 3. Put on the foam DFT patch. That’s it, you are good to go for your day! What can Thrive do for you? Amazing clean energy.. Mental clarity.. Mood support.. Restful sleep.. Improved digestion.. Weight loss/ weight management.. Lean muscle support.. Calms generalized aches and discomfort.. Healthy joint function and so much more! Who needs Thrive? Everybody 18 to 108 If you are beginning to notice the wonderful world of aging and feeling there has to be something to make your life better, then Thrive is for you! Theresa Wagner



Happy Coffee

Do you or anyone you know like coffee? Have you heard about the Happy Coffee everyone is talking about? It changed my life and I have energy, no more feelings of doom and gloom, lots of focus and, lost 24 lbs. All natural, no drugs or chemicals. Pm me for details and questions. Cheryl K Nasser Jacques

Real Time Products

I have a full line of all natural topical pain relief products.  Some for people and some for your pets.  I am introducing a new line of Personal Protective Equipment, masks, nitrile gloves and all natural hand sanitizers with no parabens, dyes, and fragrance free!! Kim Armbruster  Email 


Supplements-nontoxic-native to the body

I partner with a US-based company which offers a unique health technology which is 10 to 15 years ahead of its time and regarded as the breakthrough of our life time. Redox signalling molecules is a game changer regarding our cellular health. Did you know that our body is the most complex communication network that exists and that this technology helps maintain this communication and such maintain good health and wellbeing? MORE

If you want to learn more about this, please contact me on pm Gretha Janne Lindburg or my email:

Glowing skin,glow deep within

Pure aloe based skincare,body care and haircare that you really see and feel results within 4 weeks. The longer u use the better your hair ,body and skin rejuvanates into the cellular level of your skin!! You will truely be like…why have’nt i heard of L’BRI BEFORE!!! 60 DAY MONEY BACK. YOU CAN ALSO LET ME HOLD AN ONLINE PARTY FOR YOU SO YOU CAN RECIEVE ALOT OF CREDITS TO SHOP WITH! PM ME FOR ONFO.. ALSO… IF I TOLD YOU THAT YOU CAN MAKE MONEY WITHOUT CHANGING WHAT YOUR DOING RITE NOW WOULD YOU? PM ME FOR MORE. GO INTO MY WEBPAGE TO TRY OUT THE SKIN ADVISOR.ITS FUN! I HAVE $6.95 TRAVEL size 2 WEEK SAMPLES YOU CAN PURCHASE TO TRY OUT!! YOU WILL LOVE IT. PM ME WITH QUESTIONS OR JUST ASK ON AGEINGHORSEWOMAN! 
THANK YOU! Melanie Molback Email: Website

Optimal Weight on the way to Optimal Health

 I’m Janet.  Just like you, I am a  busy Mom, Wife, Grammy of 8 grandkids, ex Project Manager, Lover of Horses and certified Health Coach. More.


Dear fellow Aging Horsewomen. I have found an amazing product that has helped me tremendously with my health woes. After my two specialist appointments in the last few weeks and lab results from both of them confirming the benefits I feel, I would really like to share the product with you. Please message or email me with any questions. Annette Sloman email: Website 12/17/19

Helping you heal from the inside out.

CBD. Questions? Let’s talk Patty Woodyard website

Just Because You’re Turning Grey Doesn’t Mean You Have To Slow Down

Are you suffering from temporary joint pain and rheumatoid arthritis? Here are some tips and natural remedies and solutions to get you back in the saddle! Jan Sattler, Savvy Seenager  Website

Rose Rodeo Color Street Nails

Who knew nail color could change lives?What started as a simple idea to use our nail strips to “wear your support on your fingertips” and raise awareness for worthy causes that resonate with our Stylists and customers has quickly grown to a larger vision of supporting those causes and their charitable organizations in a big way. Victoria Pitcher Email: Website 12/8/19

Happy Coffee

Do you like coffee? Do you want to be happy? This all natural, no drug or chemical, functional beverage is changing lives . Need energy? More focus? Brain fog gone, cravings curbed, moods improved by this miracle in a mug. Not a wt loss product, but many do lose unwanted weight , too. Cheryl Jacques

What if you could turn back the clock on aging?

Wishing you had more energy, more mental clarity, more focus AND felt better in your body so you could spend more time at the barn and in the saddle? Your wish may be granted. The science is out and graceful aging depends on healthy DNA telomeres. Healthy aging is more important than just preventing wrinkles! Healthy aging affects our muscles, brain and so many other aspects of our health. We have a solution based on Nobel prize winning science on the latest in DNA research which can help keep you in the saddle, and at the barn longer than you thought
possible! Email Sandy or call/text 904.463.2908 for more information. Here to help you live life to your fullest!

Take Control of Your Health Naturally

I have conquered extreme fatigue and debilitating pain with whole nutrition and targeted exercises. I am now helping others do the same. Safe, simple to use products can give you the tools to boost your health and address those nagging aging issues so you can feel energetic and ready to take on each day! Developed by top scientists in their field give you the confidence you are getting the best. Take charge now and be ready to enjoy your horse life to the fullest. Contact Pam 402-981-6791 

Gail recommends this product.

Horse back riding and working with animals can take a toll on your body.  I know it all too well.  For years I lived with chronic back and joint discomfort. I tried all types of over the counter and prescription meds that either didn’t work or if they did, gave me bad side effects.   Recently, I found a solution!!  An award winning nutraceutical with 7 US and Int’l patents!  Not only will this liquid collagen help you feel better, but this products improves joint mobility & lubrication, promotes healthy cartilage & connective tissue throughout the body, you’ll look better too–with softer skin, less wrinkles, fuller and thicker hair, nails, and lashes!!  Most importantly, though, it will help you get back in the saddle!  I have a code for $10 off your first order if you’d like to give it a try!!    Questions; email or call 717-507-7043.

Sharon the Aging Horsewoman

I started the Facebook Group Aging Horsewomen from a place of despair brought on by chronic pain. I found my Sisterhood there. I have also returned to an Active Horse Life thanks to CBD for pain and Renew for inflammation. Managing the pain of my arthritis, I lost weight, regained my strength and balance, left despair and fear behind behind.

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