Animal Communication, two hearts sharing a moment together.

Through the art of animal communication they can share their innermost thoughts and feelings.

Animal Communication and Energy Therapy

Animal communication combined with energy therapy techniques allows your animal to share what they want you to know and clear out old issues and traumas that are physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Our animals know more about us than we imagine and often have suggestions on how we can create new meaning and depth together. I have 15 years experience.Vivian Kallmann Email: Website

Linda Roberts – Animal Communicator

Animal communication is a way to know what an animal is feeling and thinking. I communicate with animals using telepathy to help with behavior issues, physical concerns, pain management, and wellness checks.

I love helping people to better understand their beloved animals with communication. I also teach online classes to guide students into finding their own communication abilities.

Animals do not need to be physically present to exchange telepathic messages.​

Find My Horses Elan O’Brien

Being the voice of our beloved animals is not just a gift, but an honor and a privilege.  I have always had the capability of hearing and healing animals, whether it is with whales and dolphins in the wild, animals in captivity such as panthers, lions, tigers or grizzly bears, or domesticated animals such as horses, dogs, and cats.

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