My name is Frankie Lovato, I am a retired professional Award-winning jockey and creator and maker of THE EQUICIZER. This is a non-motorized mechanical horse that is used by all riders world-wide. MORE

You and your horse are a team. Each body influences and reacts to the other. The most effective way to make progress is for both bodies to be in correct structural alignment and restriction free. Are you the rider your horse deserves? Are both of your bodies operating at optimal potential? Or are each of you dealing with restrictions that your bodies are accommodating to the detriment of your riding? I can help. Strength needs to be balanced with flexibility. Soft tissue restrictions often prevent flexibility, proper alignment and therefore function. The Rider’s Success System helps riders and their horses release restrictions, gain more correct alignment and function, so that they can perform as a more effective, comfortable and happy team.   Be the rider your horse deserves. Michigan Equine Therapy.

Lisa  Murray Machala LMT RMT

This is a simple riding stretch I have done for years, it helps with my confidence, balance and muscle memory.

Which was good earlier this week when Buttercup bucked. I found myself face downward over left shoulder and having lost my left stirrup. I was able to return to return to sitting position because of muscle memory.

While horse is standing quietly, right hand to poll, dock, right toes then left toes (much easier 40 years ago.) Repeat with left hand. Work up to doing them while horse walks quietly. The Aging Horsewoman.

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