Herbal Supplement Blends

We have all natural herbal blends perfect for you, your horse or your dog. Our website is specific to dogs, we are also available on Amazon but only with our dog products. Let us know what you need and we can quote you a price for my Aging Horsewomen friends. This is only for you as we do not do specific special orders for just anybody. Our website lists our CBD as “Anxiety” because of the legalities of CBD at this time. We have products with and without CBD. 

We have an amazing all natural mane and tail detangler. It leaves the main and tail smooth and silky without drying it out. 

I am a doc and former researcher (funded by the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health) and our pet products are Veterinarian Approved. I only tell you this so you know we have some science behind our natural products.

I have a patent pending bug repellent that works as a repellent (some try using it to kill infestations, that is not what it is for, it is for repelling) this can be used on horses, dogs, and people of all ages, it too is all natural. 

Here is a link to our Amazon listing which gives you free shipping if you have Prime

Lisa Murray Machala LMT RMT

Is chronic pain keeping you out of the saddle? Are you missing the fun of riding whenever you want due to chronic pain? Does your pain eat away at your self-confidence and limit your joy?  My light touch therapy works gently and effectively to release restrictions at their source by working directly with your Central Nervous System.  Your body has innate self-healing capabilities. This therapy activates that potential so that you can reclaim your active healthy life.  Free yourself from pain and get back in the saddle and enjoy the ride! Michigan Equine Therapy.

I am Sharon founder of Aging Horsewomen. My story of Chronic Pain is here.

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