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Microcirculation is essential to your horses’ overall well-being. Learn how this “blanket” promotes healing, recovery and supports regeneration.  From performance to injuries, our device should be at every barn! Easy to use and supports parasymphetic processes in the body. Also expanding my national business and looking for new distributors who want to help with my mission! Learn more today. www.meetSandra.com

 Sandra Burnett Holistic RN & Equestrian

Denise’s All Heal Salve

A natural. Holistic wound care for All Animals . Heals the most difficult wounds, Summer Sores, Laminitis , rain rot, scratches, Pythiosis and many other issues. Made in USA , Made to order. Denise Eberle Email Deniseallheal@yahoo.com 


Haaay Camelina

Have you heard about the benefits of supplementing your horse’s feed with Smart Earth Camelina Equine Oil?

Supplementing your horse with camelina oil has been shown to:

✔️ Improve the quality of their sheen, coat, mane & tail

✔️ Decrease joint pain in horses that suffer from arthritis

✔️ Improve bone structure✔️ Help prevent ulcers

✔️ Help with allergic hyperactivity

✔️ Have an anti-inflammatory effect

✔️ Help maintain energy and improve mood

And more! Visit and like my page to see all of the wonderful reviews from happy horse owners. 100% Guaranteed and Always 10% Off.

Charlotte Uhrich website

Bring your horse to wellness

 I am an equine naturopath and nutritionist. I do consults in person and on phone and zoom. I’m a certified Bowen therapist and instructor, certified in cranial sacral, kinesiology taping, red light therapy, herbalist and rehabilitation. I enjoy helping, teaching and working with horses and people restoring health and rehabbing. Robin Fisackerly Email: rredangelw3@hotmail.com Website

Veterinarian Approved Horse Care Products

We have all-natural herbal blends perfect for you, your horse or your dog. We continue to update our website adding more products and our blog. I am a, doc and former researcher (funded by the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health) and our pet products are Veterinarian Approved. I only tell you this so you know we have science behind our natural products.

I grew up in Pony Club, went on to 3-Day and showing breed then after marring my soul mate who is a cattle rancher I began reining, cutting, and working cow-horse. My first horse Gomez was my best friend and lived to over 30 years.

MANE AND TAIL – Try our all-natural mane and tail Detangler. Refresher, and Leave-in Conditioner. This product leaves the main and tail smooth and silky without drying it out or with a heavy greasy feel.  Unlike many mane and tail products ours leaves the skin moisturized. This can be spritzed onto any dry skin area for a quick relief.

BUG REPELLENT – I have a patent pending bug repellent that works as a repellent (some try using it to kill infestations, that is not what it is for, it is for repelling) this can be used on horses, dogs, and people of all ages, it too is all natural. 

Our website lists our CBD as “Anxiety” because of the legalities of CBD at this time. We have products with and without CBD. If the word “Anxiety” is in the title then the product includes CBD.

You can purchase our products on our website or on Amazon (the horse products will be on Amazon beginning July 5th), our dog products are already on Amazon here is a link to our food supplement for dogs with dry itchy skin, allergens, or want to maintain a silky and glossy coat.

All our products are: 100% natural, Veterinarian Approved, made in the USA, all our dog treats are made with our own farm fresh eggs.

Our name, Maddie the Bulldog, comes from my first service dog. 

Stop Horse Colic

It breaks my heart to see and hear about a horse that has been “put down” due to a colic episode, when I have a product that will stop a bout of colic within 30-40 minutes of administering. I am a distributor of a colic product for over 10 years and have saved many, many horses from death of colic and saved their owners from the high cost of colic surgery on their horses. I want horse owners to know that they do have a “choice” on how to proceed, instead of ending their friend’s life, due to colic; or wiping out their savings account. You do need to have it on hand though; there isn’t a shipping option fast enough when your horse is in pain from colic.
If you don’t know the signs of colic or need more information about colic, I have a pdf file you can download, print out and take to the barn with you – Horse Colic Facts, it is on the website. Nancy Nellis

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