Carousel Workshop

Marsha Schloesser, owner of the CAROUSEL WORKSHOP, finalizes each carousel animal (antique or reproduction) to her customer’s specifications. The antiques can be left primitive or restored and painted. Only the most highly qualified craftsmen are selected to carve the necessary pieces for restoration work.

Marsha’s twenty-plus years in design, her sense of color, and love of these horses contributes to her creativity and dynamic flair as she meticulously hand paints each animal. The Carousel Workshop will work with you on design, space and color to customize your carousel animal for your home decorating.

The Carousel Workshop can bring your favorite carousel horses and animals back to their original finish. In addition, Marsha Schloesser’s forte is locating any type of carousel that you might happen to need for your collection.

Marsha has restored and painted horses for 4 museums in Florida: MOSA in Jacksonville and Continental Carriage Museum in Lady Lake. She was also the first artist to have her work selected by a sponsor for the Ocala “Horse Fever” project in which 50 life size horses were painted and placed around the city. They have designed and shipped 20 horses for the Singapore Racetrack. Recently we restored all 9 of the Carousel Menagerie Animals for the Bonnet House in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. WEBSITE