Western Riding Apparel and English Riding Apparel.

Anique Sun Shirt

Anique shirts are made in the USA and look incredible. They are seriously the most figure-flattering riding shirt I’ve owned (and I have a bunch of brands in my closet at this very moment). They really show off a woman’s curves which I why I think Marilyn would approve. 🙂 Susan at website

All-weather RIDING SKIRT…Stay dry and warm while protecting your valuable saddle!

This wind/water repellent Saddle Skirt is worn around the waist, protecting both the rider and the saddle from the elements. Available in 2 styles and 2 warmth weights. The Extended style also covers the horse’s rump and can be cinched behind the saddle when desired. Both styles are offered in a waist size range. Watch the Youtube video for details.

The Gloves You Love to Wear!

My two passions in life are horses and horticulture. I gardened professionally for many years when I was younger. I disliked wearing any of the gloves that were available and used to go to thrift shops and tag sales to find women’s dress gloves from the ‘50s.

My gloves look like fashion gloves, but our fabric is the same as that used in some riding breeches and football uniforms. The gloves fit snuggly and protect your hands. They are breathable and durable. Wash them on your hands or throw them in the washing machine. Foxgloves

They make a great liner under a heavier glove.

22 years later we have several styles of Foxgloves work gloves and our Protexgloves  line is great for people with arthritis, peripheral neuropathy, scleroderma, eczema, thin skin and sun damage. Harriet.

Experience the SET Difference

Somerset Equestrian Trading. Please visit our website to see our great selection of apparel and accessories. We also offer marketing services and build websites. Susan Benson Ssportart1@mac.com 

Smooth Stride No-Inseam Riding Jeans

“Don’t all really good products solve a problem? We’re proud to offer high quality U.S. made, no-inseam riding jeans shipped direct to your door. We’ve concentrated on comfort, performance, and optimum fit. Smooth Stride’s are a gentle bootcut dark denim jean (not breeches) pre shrunk, no bag out, with a  well designed smart phone pocket.  Two styles and three lengths”.  Désirée Johnson (509) 521-5496 Website

Winter Beeches

Ready for winter riding? Black/Grey and Black/Plum winter weight breeches by Amy Rauch have you staying warm while looking good. hahaWHATEVER

Lightweight Grip Full Seat English Riding Breeches by hhW

Stretchy to fit and very flattering with support where you need it (bum and tum)! Not too tight and not too loose = just right for so many body types. 

Front AND back pockets – to hold your cell phone, treats, gloves, etc.

Lightweight with Full silicone seat – enough grip to help keep you in the saddle and enough slip to let you get out! 

Smooth lower sock leg for ease of slipping on your tall boots. Will accommodate both shorter and longer legs due to the super smart design!!

Zip up front with quick slide clasp that lays flat and flatters!

by hahaWhatever

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