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The Horsemanship Journey

The Horsemanship Journey is the go-to resource for helping today’s horse people of all levels of experience become the exceptional horsemen and women of tomorrow. Prepare to be empowered, informed, and inspired!

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I am Sandra Burnett, a Registered Nurse who went HOLISTIC!  Actually, I do not give medication – just share education. My Ideal Customer is open-minded and prefers living a healthy life!  

For the love of yourself and your horses, let me share some information with you!

I help people understand the importance of increased microcirculation for themselves and for their horses.  This “eight-minute secret” changed my life.

Sandra Burnett Holistic RN and Equestrian. Learn more today. www.meetSandra.com


The Aging Horsewoman

Founder of the Facebook Group Aging Horsewomen Intl. I started the group January 2017 because of chronic pain, weight gain and loss of balance and strength, culminating in Fear of my horse. I was looking for Hope.

I created this website to support Family Businesses. Our Sponsorship is just $500.00 for one year to be affordable for small businesses. We do welcome corporate businesses. If interested please go to Contact Us page.

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