Harrison A. Burnett was born and raised on a horse farm in Knoxville, Tennessee. He has spent his life with horses and is a respected trainer and competitor in a variety of equestrian disciplines. Harrison has trained, competed and given clinics throughout the Southeast, Southwest and Mountain West.

He has bred, raised and started young horses and retrained older horses for diverse performance events such as the race track, polo, upper level dressage, movie and television stunt work, upper level eventing, warmblood stallion performance testing, and stock horse events including reining, cutting and ranch versatility. Additionally, Harrison has been a professional whipper-in and trainer for the United States Director of the Masters of Foxhounds Association’s Lt. Col. Dennis Foster (US Army, ret.) and worked closely with Ian Stark, Great Britain’s four-time Olympic medalist in Three Day Eventing.

Harrison specializes in helping each individual horse and rider partnership attain its maximum athletic potential in a calm, responsive and sensitive manner.
My broad breadth of experience in multiple and diverse disciplines will help me help you.

References include:
• Lt. Col. Dennis J. Foster (US Army, ret.) – Executive Director of the Masters of Foxhounds Association of America • Linda Hitt – Professional Horsewoman, Trainer and Recognized National Reining Horse Association Judge, Elizabeth, CO • John Gray – Professional Huntsman of Hillsboro Hounds Hunt, Lynnville, TN • Joe McCloskey – Professional Costumer (retired), Columbus, MT • Roger Blackmon – Professional Horseman and Top Ten AQHA Breeder in Texas, Baird, TX

“I have known Harrison Burnett for more than 20 years on both a professional and social basis…To this day I have not found anyone who could train difficult horses any better than Harrison. He has that invisible thread that horses seem to love and can make them do things others can’t. What is really rare is that he has a similar ability with people. In his clinics and lessons he also trains riders so they can ride and understand their horses better. He’s able to explain, communicate and demonstrate to people…
I cannot do justice to Harrison Burnett’s abilities with horses or people. His expertise, honesty and good work ethic set a very high standard. He’s a horse trainer’s horse trainer who happens to be a very good person.”
Lt. Col. Dennis J. Foster (US Army, ret.)