SaddleRight Pads were the result of years of trials, research, and perseverance of Dr. Mike Freeman D.o.C and Kinesiologist. He traveled the Country working on horses that presented with sore backs, nerve damage and Muscle Atrophy. His observations and research showed, that any saddle applied to a horses back began the process of muscle shutdown. When paired with pads that didn’t supply foundation, dissipation of pressure and heat, the problem became worse. After years of researching materials, the pad as it still is today, was born. Dr. Freeman did the research and testing with the the assistance of two Veterinarians, and final testing by Texas A&M University. The pad and it’s unique Core material exceeded all expectations. 24 Test pads were released for purchase in 1979, to the public, with some of the test pads recipients being Dolli and Darryl Lautaret, Jeff and Bonnie LeMaire. Their daughters, Betsy LeMaire Nunn and our Performance team member Jolee Lataret Jordan still compete on our pads today! The World Famous Horseman Al Dunning was also aboard our pads for many years.By 1984 the pads were in full swing with great reviews.

The unique Core material, in our pad, encourages the back muscles to regenerate, rebuild and repair. It also encourages the Nerves and Lymphatic system to work properly. Our pad allows the freedom needed for those Equine athletes to reach better, feel better, and ultimately to perform better. The pad begins working as soon as it is applied to the back. This was the origination of the first and only TRUE Orthopedic saddle pad available.

The pad’s design has remained the same since it’s release in 1984. We use 1/8 inch of F7 wool felt on the underside of the pad, and Genuine Suede on the top. Our Western pads are a thinner pad than most on the market being 1//2 inch throughout the body plus an 1/8 inch core along the bar area. This offer 300 lbs of support in a 5/8 inch thick pad. Our “Legacy” upgrade is 1/2 inch body, with an additional 1/4inch of core along the bar area. The protection in this ¾ inch pad is 600 lbs.The Deluxe pads have Smooth Grain Wear Leathers. Our English Pads are made of high quality Glove Leather. We offer black or brown in Glove Leather, 20 suede colors, and 5 wear leather colors.We also make racing, and exercise Pads!

One of our most frequently asked questions is, “How long will that pad last me?” The answer is a lifetime! Our pads are the only pads in the Industry to carry a “Lifetime Warranty against Core Compression”. Our Core material will never compress, degrade and break down. We offer a 30 day unconditional return policy, with the strong suggestion that they ride the pad daily during this time. It is NOT unusual to see some dry spots as this indicates in most cases, muscles that are nor working as they should. This pad is going to help repair what other equipment has created, and this takes some time.

SaddleRight also boasts being the only Pad Manufacturer in the Industry to offer a “Trade Back Policy” on all used pads regardless of condition! Yes, you read that correctly! The buyer can pick one their new pad, pay 50% of the current retail price plus shipping and we will send them their new pad! I When it arrives they send the old pad back in regardless of condition. We recently received one of those original 24 pads released in 1979 back in this program. Core material is same as the day it left!

 You see, SaddleRight was a Mom and Pop style business, that grew very large very fast and enjoyed many repeat buyers and referrals over the years. Dr. Freeman passed away in 2016 and his wife (Janette Freeman) sold the company to Omega Fields LLC. In Wisconsin. Janette has stayed on as the General Manager in Las Vegas Nevada were the pads are made. This ensures that the pad’s quality control standards remained excellent.

The same employees ( Artisans is more like it), have been producing the pads for nearing 30 years.Every pad is perfection, made with the highest quality materials, and proudly made in the United States of America. We have a one year warranty on workmanship.

The pad retails from $309-$369 on Western Models and $245-$320 on English models.

We make pads for all disciplines and literally all sizes. Western Pads 24-32 backs with a standard 32 drop. Barrel Pads, Drop Rig and Treeless saddle designs as well. English standard of 17-17.5 with an offering of 18-18.5 , 19-19.5 and extra weight protection as well. We also offer a wool felt liner custom fitted for each pad for $55.

I want to “Thank You” for taking the time to read about this state of the art Orthopedic Pad, and encourage you to try one. Take a few minutes to check out our WEBSITE Or give us a call and we can help you find the perfect pad for your horses needs.

 “If you’re gonna saddle up, always SaddleRight”

Yvonne South

SaddleRight Sales Manager


Janette Freeman

SaddlerRight General Manager